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Products and Services


Custom Form Tools

End mills

Step drills


Recess tools

Multi diameter reamers

Single diameter reamers

Backwork tools


Polygon thread mills

Wobble broaches

Boring bars

Combination tools

Triangle form inserts

Flat form inserts

Shave inserts

Milling inserts

Custom tool holders

Custom fixtures

Value-added Services

Innovative tool design

Rapid tool-prototyping

State-of-the-art tool manufacturing

Regrind and rebuild programs

Coating selection

Quality inspection and tight tolerance control

Available on-site technical assistance

Engineered with SolidWorks, AutoCAD, NUMROTOT, and Horizon

Increased tool life

Reduce customer production variance

Expedited delivery

Tailor-made tools

Super finishing and polishing technologies

Inspection reports available with every order

Reduce waste