1515 Commerce Drive, Elgin, IL 60123, USA
+1 (847) 472-9240


Machining Rounds

  • We are capable of holding diameter tolerances to ± 0.002mm
  • We manufacture diameters from 0.02mm to 203.2mm
    and maximum length of 330mm

Machining Inserts & Holders

  • We are capable of holding form and thickness tolerances
    of inserts to ± 0.005mm
  • We manufacture flat inserts 3.1 8mm to 6.35mm thick,
    6.35mm to 25.4mm tall and 6.35mm to 76.2mm wide
  • We manufacture triangle inserts 3.1 8mm to 4.75mm
    wide on the 9.53mm IC, 4.75mm to 22.23mm wide
    on the 1 2.7mm IC and 6.35mm to 1 2.7mm wide on
    the 1 5.88mm IC
  • We manufacture holders and fixtures as small as 4.75mm x
    9.53mm x 9.53mm up to 304.8mm x 406.4mm x 609.6mm
  • We can wire EDM parts up to 203.2mm x 304.8mm x


± 0.001 5mm Diameter
± 0.00002mm Radius
± 5’ Angle

* Manufacturing and measurements are performed in both imperial and metric